CDAT (Collision Data Analysis Tools)
CDAT is a comprehensive, web-based traffic crash analysis program

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CDAT is a comprehensive, web-based traffic crash analysis program for the detailed study of traffic crashes at the local or statewide levels.

CDAT is comprised of the following traffic safety analysis modules:

Each of the modules listed above is itself a full featured program capable of providing in-depth traffic crash analysis or can be mixed and matched as a stand alone program to meet the needs of your organization.

CDAT was developed for simplicity of use yet with the ability to produce extensive crash analysis reporting results. CDAT requires very little training and, in most cases, the average user is able to quickly master each module of this traffic crash analysis program. CDAT was developed for a variety of traffic crash analysis users such as:

  • Road Commissions
  • Traffic engineers
  • Law enforcement
  • Municipalities
  • Engineering firms
  • Schools
  • Planners
  • University/College traffic safety programs
  • Other traffic safety agencies


Collision Diagram

  • Customizable to meet your data analysis needs
  • Intersection and road segment diagrams
  • Accepts data from databases, web services, flat files
  • Multiple road configurations including roundabouts and customizable features
  • Option to mouse over crash image to view complete crash details


Web-Based Reporting

  • Reports are customizable based on each organization’s processes and needs
  • Provides extensive filtering capabilities which allow users to create their own unique traffic crash report
  • Allow each user to select from numerous data fields (depending on the crash data available) to create their own data specific reports
  • Industry standard software developed via, AJAX, and SQL Server
  • Exportable to various formats: XML, PDF, CSV, TXT


GIS Mapping of Crashes

  • Filter data by selecting area on a map
  • Click on crash icon to view complete crash details and actual traffic crash report (if available)
Web-based Crash Data Reporting Web-based Crash Data GIS Mapping Web-based Collision Diagram for Intersections and Links